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Tutwa Consulting Group conducts authoritative research into and analysis of complex policy and regulatory matters affecting business in emerging markets. We are perfectly suited for small, medium and large businesses, public sector, and educational institutions who want to grow their network and measure impact through our portfolio of services.


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Tutwa Consulting Group is a consortium partner in the DFID-funded global economic governance project.

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Central to Tutwa’s methodology is production of cutting edge research and analysis. In our blog we present insights of our thought leadership, through tackling current topics. Readers are invited to sign up to our distribution lists and newsletters, and to Peter Draper’s twitter feed in order to receive access to the latest insights.

A quick review of global protectionism
In 2016 protectionist measures were viewed as a response to the era of globalisation and increasing competitiveness, as more suppliers compete for the same global...

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Looking beyond the travails of 2016
2016 was a politically consuming year. This year will be no different as our politics promise to be dramatic, with the ANC’s succession battle reaching...

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An Unsettled South Africa in a Turbulent World: A Tour d’Horizon
January 17-20 marks the annual World Economic Forum gathering of the (largely western) globalised elite. Davos man faces a turbulent world in 2017. A selective...

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Regulations for foreign investor act weighted towards dispute settlement
On December 15 2015, President Jacob Zuma assented to the controversial Protection of Investment Act when much of the South African public was on a...

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Let’s not forget the region: Trade facilitation in the face of protectionism?
Much of the world’s attention in 2016 was far from our shores as global events have unfolded in unexpected directions. The reality remains however that...

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Update | A Case for Enacting the Financial Intelligence Centre Amendment Bill
As 2016 comes to an end and 2017 beckons, it is important to reflect on the year that was and how it might impact on...

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Many thanks for your contribution to both yesterday’s dinner and today’s public event. The conversation provided the Brussels audience with a novel and thought-provoking take on the current negotiations and left everyone with lots of food for thought. It was great to be able to draw on your expertise and recent research on the broader implications of TTIP and how non-party states might react.
Madeleine GoergProgram Officer of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, Belgium
Dear Peter, I want to thank you for your willingness to attend and excellent contribution to the Africa Outlook conference that we held earlier this week in Durban – it is greatly appreciated. The feedback has all been tremendous.
Dr Martyn DaviesFrontier Advisory, South Africa
Der Tutwa-Newsletter ist eine sehr gute Informationsquelle mit qualitiativ hochwertigen Kommentaren (The Tutwa Newsletter offers very valuable information and high quality comments)
Dorothee OverbergDirector of Overberg Projekte, Germany
Congrats on the GVCs paper. I think it came out very nice. I am also sure it is a very important contribution to an informed discussion of this topic, which, as we know, is of great relevance. I am particularly keen on papers that try to bring the global reality closer to home.
Anabel GonzalezFormer Minister of Foreign Trade, Costa Rica; now Head of the World Bank’s Trade and Competitiveness Practice
I think it was a thorough overview of the landscape and I believe provided very useful input into our engagement with Treasury on these issues. I know that they have taken some of the points we have made, based upon your input, into account in their deliberations.
A Coprorate ClientSouth Africa, name withheld for privacy
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