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Zimbabwe has featured in the news consistently over the last few decades and the start of 2019 showed that this year will be no different. The economic situation in the country is reaching new lows as the crisis continues to deepen beyond levels that few thought possible. There is no US dollar cash available, shortages of food and fuel have been experienced, and it is estimated that inflation is now only second to levels seen in Venezuela at up to nearly 300%. Shocking images have emerged of violence and the destruction of property in what is clearly still a politically tense environment.
It is important for policymakers and business leaders, especially in Southern Africa, to understand the complexities of the unfolding situation in Zimbabwe. Tutwa Consulting Group is monitoring developments in the country on a daily basis and this special edition of our newsletter seeks to highlight some of the key messages we have prepared in recent weeks on themes related to trade, investment and the impact on the region.
Tutwa Consulting Group works with an extensive network of associates in Zimbabwe to ensure that we can provide clients with accurate political economy analysis. This can be used as input into effective decision making by governments, development agencies and firms. Please contact Catherine Grant Makokera, Director at Catherine.grant@tutwaconsulting.com to discuss the services we offer in more detail.

ZIMBABWE: Understanding The Fuel Crisis And Its Implications For Intra-Regional Trade

Elisha Tshuma- Customs and Trade Facilitation Consultant. Zimbabwe is currently facing a mirage of both economic and political challenges. According to economist Tony Hawkins, the country is sliding into stagflation where there is slow economic growth and relatively high unemployment accompanied by rising prices or inflation. Other economic challenges include fuel and forex shortages. These have spurred a strong reaction from …
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No quick-fix solutions to Zimbabwe’s woes

This week has seen South African political parties heading north to engage with various actors in Zimbabwe. It would be easy to simply discount this as extended campaigning in the run-up to the South African elections, but there is a more important message. Zimbabwe and South Africa remain intimately connected on many different levels. Linkages between political parties are just one …
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Should Ramaphosa throw Zimbabwe a lifeline?

Catherine Grant Makokera shares her insights here on how South Africa can help in Zimbabwe.

Why Zimbabwe’s trade deficit matters

Being landlocked, Zimbabwe is almost entirely reliant on neighbouring states for the movement of goods into or out of the country. Strategically it would make sense then to maintain good commercial (if not also diplomatic) ties with its five bordering nations, but it would seem that the protectionist ideology motivated by years of “national interest” rhetoric prevails. Zimbabwe is party …
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