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Urgent feedback to the DTI on Lockdown Procedures

Dear [subscriber:firstname | default:reader],

Please see request from Minister's office, We request all information is submitted by 13:00 to GChristians@thedti.gov.za to collate for submission.

The Minister has asked for feedback before 14h00 on how companies in the Essential Manufacturing and services sector have experienced Day 1. Have companies registered, if not what are issues with portal,. Are companies able to operate and what are the challenges, including police, military, workers transportation, supply chain and so forth.

Please also report on the positive side.

Please forward name of company, location, and challenge using this template

The views and opinions expressed in this email may not necessarily be that of the Department of Trade and Industry. Please click on the attached link for the dti official disclaimer. http://www.thedti.gov.za/disclaimer/disclaimer-plain.htm"
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