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Welcome to the second edition of the Tutwa brief.

The world continues to fight Covid-19 and its economic impact. Here at home, South Africa, the staggered approach to opening the South African economy has proved to be a welcomed bright spot for a number of industries. While many are happy to be able to open their business, many SME’s continue to feel the detrimental effects of the lockdown with no real sense of getting assistance from the government. Locally, governments must be seen going over and beyond to flatten the curve and ensuring the correct use of stage funds.

In this edition of the newsletter, Director Catherine Grant-Mokokera makes an engaging case stating that this is not the time to abandon a regional integration or cooperation agenda. “In fact, it is time to ramp up trade among ourselves in Africa as the disruption to global value chains continues.”

Senior Political analyst Azwimpheleli Langalanga shines a light on the lack of regional or continental co-ordination around the COVID-19 can be attributed to an absence of institutions and to a degree a lack of utilization of existing institutions.

Heinrich Krogman, Senior Economist, and Researcher Anna Ngarachu, have collaborated to give insights on the state of South Africa’s economy.

The pandemic has truly disrupted how things normally function and it will continue to do so. We thoroughly believe you will enjoy this edition of our newsletter- Tutwa Briefs. We have a great team that provides cutting edge analysis to help you make more informed strategies for your organization.

Leadership filled with empathy and agility is what is needed right now. We hope you and your family are taking extra care during this time. Reach us on info@tutwaconsulting.co.za for insights to help you stay ahead of the curve.

The absence of a Regional Response to COVID-19

Author: Azwimpheleli Langalanga

COVID-19 has been characterised by a return to various forms of nationalisms including inward-looking policies. This has been the case at both a continental and global level. The World Health Organization, an institution tasked with governing global health matters has thus far provided the closest to a multilateral response to the Corona pandemic. However, the WHO has …
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Time to ramp up regional trade

Author: Catherine Grant Makokera and Deidre Penfold

The focus of the Covid-19 pandemic has been firmly on dealing with the health crisis in the short term. This has meant limiting not only the movement of people, but also goods, with potential long-term implications for the region. However, this is not the time to abandon a regional integration or cooperation agenda. Now …
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The state of South Africa’s economy, what we know so far

Author: Heinrich Krogman and Anna Ngarachu

The latest set of GDP figures for the first quarter of 2020 is expected to be published by Stats SA on 30 June and it’s less a matter of “what’s the verdict?” and more a matter of “how bad is it?” South Africa entered 2020 on the back of a technical recession due to production …
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