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On September 24th South Africans celebrated Heritage Day – a celebration of our different cultures -- South Africa’s rainbow nation.

Heritage Day is commonly celebrated by people exchanging cultural knowledge and teachings; showcasing cultural attire and many families prepare their traditional food – typically ending with our mouth-watering South African braai.

In light of this past Heritage Day weekend, this quarterly edition of the Tutwa Briefs Newsletter lets us focus on the ‘moral fibre of our society’. What does this day mean to us as a country as we reflect on the 26 years of democracy? What do we think about the lingering stench of corruption that constantly hangs in the air, even when we now have the machinery to root it out? Tutwa’s Matlala Setlhalogile and Thabelo Muleya provide a history lesson on the origins of corruption in the South African context and help to shine a light on how shamefully some South African government leaders have responded to COVID-19. Greater action is needed— the more that people are held accountable, the greater the acknowledgment that governance is everyone’s concern.

Our Senior Researcher Anna Ngarachu challenges us to stand up for what is right even when the popular hashtag is no longer trending. She comments on recent headlines of racist adverts, gender-based violence and utter disregard of the responsibility that has come from our leadership.

Our Economist Heinrich, unpacks vivid insights on the current state of the South African economy. The economy has shrunk by 51%, shrinking the size of the middle class and making the poor poorer. This cannot be the economy we pass to the next generation.

South Africa’s heritage is rich. But, we have moved from a being shining beacon of progressive democracy of two decades ago, to a political economy that is hanging by our fingernails on to any semblance of that aura of principles that surrounded our heroes of old. ‘Ubuntu’ means we recognise the interconnectedness and unity that holds us together. Let us take ownership of this heritage. Hold our leaders accountable, be agents of the change towards service and ethical leadership.

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The heritage of corruption in leadership

Author: Matlala Setlhalogile and Thabelo Muleya
Corruption is perhaps one of South Africa’s oldest traditions. Yet, there seems to be a constant state of shock every time new instances of corruption are revealed. As a discussion point, fraud, corruption, bribery and general dishonesty remain key features of South Africa’s governance landscape and political discourse. Recent revelations that some Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) …
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A call for action and transformation of thought

Author: Anna Ngarachu
I’m pretty sure you’re as outraged and stunned as I am by the recent hair product advertisement that “lacked sensitivity” – actually, it was outright discriminatory! I recently came across the expression “my hair is tired” which is just a different way of expressing genuine fatigue without negatively affirming it to your psyche. I think it is a fitting expression, …
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Opportunities skew during crises

Author: Heinrich Krogman
Details on South Africa’s economic contraction are finally available. Unfortunately, the results are worse than anticipated by both the Reserve Bank and National Treasury, which means fiscal and monetary policy will have to be reviewed and adjusted …. again. The major dials to ‘heat up’ and ‘cool down’ the economy, fiscal and monetary policy continue to play their part in …
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