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Tutwa Consulting Group is pleased to extend its monthly update to you upon settling in its new offices. The projects are running and our staff members are writing thought provoking pieces to keep you in the loop with latest news. Below is a sample of our monthly updates.

Cry for leadership: How can we move forward as a country?

Author: Mzukisi Qobo
A cold realism has followed the initial euphoria that accompanied the ascendance of President Cyril Ramaphosa to the highest seat as president of his party and the country. Absence of clarity in what Ramaphosa really believes and stands for, and lack of steadiness behind the wheel, is worrying. His reliance on commissions of inquiry and review panels does not inspire …

SACU Is Showing Its Age

Author: Heinrich Krogman
Globalization, for better or worse, has led to larger more connected markets. Consumers have more choice, producers have more competition and states have a responsibility to ensure that their markets operate as effectively as possible. Generally, states try not to tax imports or exports, as it creates allocative inefficiencies, but still try to protect ‘critical’ domestic industries by other means. …

Can Think Tanks Save The World - And Should They?

Author: Andreas Freytag
In mid-September, Buenos Aires hosted an interesting and innovative event, organized by a variety of think tanks: the Think20 Summit. A total of about one thousand participants from almost 70 countries dealt with the topics of the G20 summit, which will take place in Buenos Aires at the end of November. The Argentine government has made the future of work, …

Wine and Cheese Relaunch

On September 26th, we hosted our relaunch Wine and Cheese gathering where our associates and friends came to celebrate and welcome Tutwa Consulting into the new offices. We are so humbled by everyone who took time to join us. It was exciting to reconnect with associates from various fields. We are positive that we will further deepen our relationships. More pictures of the relaunch are available on our social media platforms!
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