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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Changes in government policy are a fact of life. They can be quite unpredictable in emerging market contexts, particularly those characterised by institutional ‘voids’. Political risk compounds this, especially when states are weak, and power is highly contested. All of which makes for uncertain business environments.

With its world-class consulting team, skilled in the art of analysing complex political economies and regulatory environments, strong public sector experience and networks, long track record of influencing public debates, and wide-ranging media contacts, Tutwa Consulting Group is well-placed to ameliorate these risks and hurdles for its clients.

We offer three inter-related services focused on South Africa:

  • Policy and regulations advisory, comprising: Policy and regulations analysis; organizational strategy options; corporate briefings on bespoke topics; and a public affairs executive education offering.
  • Policy and regulations influencing, comprising: Stakeholder mapping; bespoke research designed to marshall objective policy change arguments that government will take seriously; organizing and facilitating stakeholder dialogues; and public commentary.
  • Political risk advisory, comprising: political economy analysis tailored to the risk issue; scenarios development on this basis; and corporate briefings to aid decision-makers to adapt to emerging risks.

Some recent samples of our work are available on our thought leadership page.

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